With decades of experience, the veteran Triple 7 Public Relations (“Triple 7 PR”) team works hand-in-hand with its clients to conceptualize and execute comprehensive campaigns, inclusive of high concept brainstorms, targeted earned media placements, and grassroots activations. 

The company’s diverse roster of long-term clients includes award-winning production companies and studios, tune-in campaigns for acclaimed scripted and unscripted series on networks and streamers, top business, health and wellness brands, New York Times bestselling book launches, and personal publicity for globally recognized actors, thought leaders, and experts.

Selected by the Nashville Business Journal to their Best in Business list and recognized as an “experienced agency” by Forbes, the Triple 7 PR team includes in-house executives based in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, securing coverage from Hollywood to Wall Street and everywhere in between.


BEEN THERE, DONE THAT: Expertise in building campaigns and brand identities for all types of clients from entrepreneurs and celebrities to corporations and initiatives.

RELATIONSHIPS: Established media relationships to secure TV, print, online, podcast and social media opportunities with local, niche and national media outlets. 

TEAMWORK:  Our team is your team and we work collaboratively with all our clients to ensure that we are capitalizing on every opportunity. 

CREATIVITY: We strive to go beyond traditional campaigns and to create out-of-the-box ideas that break our clients out of the pack.

DILIGENCE: You don’t hire us to take “NO” for an answer. We work to get the story.

ACCESSIBILITY: You will have access to seasoned professionals, who will understand your PR goals and who will be pitching media aggressively on your behalf.

MULTIPLE OFFICES, MULTIPLE MARKETS: Three offices in three distinct markets (New York, Los Angeles and Nashville), giving three times the power to local and national media campaigns as well as grassroots outreach.